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Monday, April 19, 2010

Next year, guys, mix up the groupies that you use to surround the side stage acts... retreads all night.

Hey, I usually don't care for the Hollywood "stars" they stick in as presenters, but it was kinda interesting to hear Cher say that Hank Williams was one of the first singers she ever remembers... some 60 years ago, uhm... well, however old her OLDEST body part may be!

My girl Miranda won the award that she most deserved... ALBUM OF THE YEAR... if you haven't heard every song on REVOLUTION, go buy it or download it... worth every penny.

Broadway's Laura Bell Bundy is a heckuvan entertainer (and sings "countrier" than most), but can she ever get a radio hit? Finally... just realized Charles Kelly of Lady A HAS to be Ronnie Dunn's lil bro'!!! (somebody needs to do a DNA check).....

Guess there's an opening for an awards show sound guy... the highly-promoted fan-voted swansong that Brooks and Dunn were to sing was barely audible... and Miranda, you're right... producer Frank Liddell deserves a few seconds to thank... oops, we're outta time! That's Vegas, baby!

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