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Only Time Will Tell

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Well it took all year and we're finally here..... will Jimmie get the crown..... will Mark come from behind and do the unthinkable..... will we see pay backs from debts some charged thru the season..... will we have a first time winner.....

Will Rick Hendrick get another championship..... that one's a yes..... as for Jimmie it looks like number 4 in a row..... as for Mark second not so bad..... and the pay backs..... probably..... first time winner..... maybe.....

It's been fun and I'm sorry to see it all wrap up but the guys need a break and it's always exciting to look toward next season..... will we find out if Digger and DW's hair are one in the same..... only time will tell..... PS

When I first saw her at age 15... standing on the stage of Nashville's old Planet Hollywood during a press conference, I thought, hmmm... she looks like she really doesn't want to be here...

...tall and gawky with her head down most of the time during label president Scott Borchetta's introductions of his new label and cast of characters... turns out, she's the one who REALLY belonged there... Miss CMA Entertainer of the Year winner.

She's an old soul, I quickly found out, and a kid who could catch on fast. One of her old high school math teachers told me the other day that, even in high school, Taylor could be gone out of town for two weeks taking her music out to the fans, and then come right back to school and immediately catch up on Algebra and other subjects that are hard for most people.

By the way, hundreds of those high schoolers who were surrounding her at the CMA awards were bused in from her old high school earlier that afternoon as a part of a field trip at the invitation of Tator Tot, as Kellie Pickler calls her. She may write about those kids from high school but she's definitely givin'em some love, too! ...one of those guys holding up an "I love Taylor" sign had put his phone number on the sign... and had almost a thousand texts and calls on his cell by the next morning!