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"The Boys of Fall"

Monday, September 27, 2010

Wow...can a sport really change your life? When I interviewed Kenny Chesney recently, I had heard his song but I hadn't seen his TV documentary "The Boys of Fall"...so I asked him about some of his memories of high school football...can u believe he was a wide receiver?

 Yep, he said he quit growing in 9th grade...lol...but I didn't know that his East Tennessee youth was sooo affected by his coach AND the guys he played with. Still stays in touch with 'em after all these years. The things he learned from being part of a team, even tho they weren't winners, was relying on each other...the goals and togetherness....stuff he says he uses to this day with his whole organization..the band, his record label...even playing in the big football stadiums he'd long ago dreamed of playing...football, that is. Think the sold-out stadiums for his music are ok for him, too. He's back at it next year...watch out!



.....1 down..... 9 to go..... congrats to Clint Bowyer and the gang at RCR.....

Was talking to some of the guys and it seemed like everyone was looking forward to the night race here in Charlotte..... tix still available and they have some deals where you can get up close to some of the drivers..... 1-800-455-FANS.....

Nice to see Dale Jr do well..... was talking to a reporter from Sports Illustrated the other day and it looks like they will be coming out with a special issue devoted to Dale senior..... can't wait! PS