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......wow.... how hot is Brad K...... last four.... first, second, third, first....couple of races until the chase and as of right now not only does it look like he'll be in it, but he looks like he might have a chance at the big trophy.....

Jimmie Johnson might have something to say about that.... Jimmie with a strong 4th and in second (technically) in the points and Jeff Gordon a 3rd finish has him sitting 6th......off to Hot Lanta....still some great seats left if your looking for some big time Labor day weekend fun!..... PS

Four for Kyle

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

.........Win number four for Kyle Busch and the gang at Joe Gibbs..... Michigan is where everyone wants to get the checkered flag.....

Is it harder to believe Kyle has 4 wins or harder to believe Champ Jimmy Johnson only has one?...... if he doesn't get another win this season do you think Rick will let him go..... maybe he can hold on to his job with another championship..... Kasey Kahne looked good can't wait to see what he can do with the new team next season..... and if you are anywhere around Charlotte this weekend come on out to the track for the Food lion Auto Fair..... muscle cars, parts and tons of cool stuff to see and do..... PS

I love talkin' to new artists.   Just this week I've interviewed American Idol's Casey James (the one Kara asked to take off his shirt)...Eric Passlay (tall Texan and writer of 4 current hit songs by other artists)...and Jake Owen, who I saw in concert this week with Keith Urban.  


These guys aren't jaded yet....when I ask 'em something they give it back to me..from the heart.   I get honest, unfiltered answers that aren't tired or pre-planned.   It's fun to throw 'em off, too...I usually like to ask 'em "what doesn't your mama know about you.....yet?"