Cathy Martindale

Cathy's spent most of her radio career in Nashville at the legendary WSM AM/FM station, along with television hosting duties at The Nashville Network. She's interviewed just about everybody who's ever made the country charts!

One of Cathy's favorite memories is when she interviewed a 15 year old girl with the thought that this was going to be a pretty silly interview. An hour later, Cathy was telling Taylor Swift's manager that out of all the artists she's ever interviewed, this girl "gets it" more than anyone else... she just knows how to make it all work together... and she'd be a huge star. Taylor started jumping up and down and was almost in tears with excitement. The rest is history..... but, then again, Cathy walked out of a Randy Travis audition, thinking he couldn't carry a tune. So, she's the first to admit.... you never know where the next big thing is coming from!

In her spare time Cathy loves to jetski, saltwater fish, and work in the yard. Her favorite TV shows are Pawn Stars and Secret Millionaire!

Paul Schadt

Paul Schadt has been co-hosting zMax Racing Country, which combines his two loves NASCAR & Country Music, for twenty years! He has been on the Charlotte airwaves since 1981, hosting Charlotte's #1 rated Country Morning show Paul Schadt and Sarah.

Paul is also very involved with many different charities from St Judes to Easter Seals to the Red Cross and anyone else that needs a helping hand.

When he's not on the air, or out on location, you can find Paul doing his number one fun activity: spending time with his family; wife Kathy, son Adam, and daughter Emily. Any weekend when the sun is shining you'll find the Schadt's on a lake or at the beach.

Geof Knight

Geof Knight has been the producer for Zmax Racing Country since the beginning of the 2000 NASCAR season. He's also been a morning radio producer in Charlotte since 1993. He's been Paul Schadt's producer on WKKT since 1997. He currently hosts the overnight show on WKKT in Charlotte as well as WTQR in Greensboro.

Geof also does radio and television commercials. You can hear his voice on Racing Country, and he's voiced commercials nationally for NASCAR, Wal-Mart, Time Warner Cable and The Speed Channel. You can hear samples of his work at

His on camera work includes numerous car commercials for dealerships in the Detroit area, and the Bristol area. Geof also had a small part in "Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby." He played a waiter at Applebees that got to help throw Ricky's dad out of the restaurant. Plus in 2003, Geof flew to L.A. to be on Wheel Of Fortune. "I won a little money, but some old woman named Elsie took it to us on that show," he said.

When he's not watching racing, Geof's spending time with his wife, Ashley, and daughters, Lauryn & Kaitlyn, at their Charlotte home. You may also catch him on the golf course some afternoon (after the show is all done of course!)